Seasonal in America Project

The Seasonal in America Project's goal is to help empower people to know what produce is in season for their state. Each set comes with a magnet for each month of the growing season. Each magnet has a food image photographed by Kristine Stone and a list of what produce should be in season for that month (as long as the weather and pests cooperate). While we understand that people can get produce year around at their local grocery store, purchasing your produce in season tastes better, supports your local agriculture, and they may save money since the produce was not shipped from far away. These magnets can be placed on your fridge for quick reference, faster than having to use a search engine and get bombarded with ads. You get the best of both worlds, beautiful art, and the information you need to make the best decision for purchasing your produce.

Seasonal in America is a division of Kristine Stone Photography.

Kristine Stone Photography

Kristine Stone is a food photographer for the Greater Baton Rouge area. She's worked with several food based companies with their food photography and has also created these products with her photography skills. To learn more about Kristine and to see her portfolio, please visit